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Everything you need to know about CNM

Check out DogWebs Premium for a website for your kennel.

University of Minnesota Website

Entry Service for all AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials

Database for FCR

Mitch and Maria White

One Stop Shopping for Retriever Supplies

Bill Hillmann Training Blogs and DVDs

All things HRC

Entry Service for UKC Hunt Tests

Great workshops for all levels

Events, Qualified Dogs

Events, News, Callbacks

Health Clearance Registry

Great Seminars and Advanced Training

AKC Hunt Test Regulations

What's going on in the Retriever World

Great Magazine for Retriever Owners

Retriever Training Forums

Mike Lardy

Ducks, Dogs, Hunting

Proud Member of:

Everything about Curlies

AKC Hunt Test Club in Knoxville area

Everything about FCR

All about Goldens and Events

AKC Hunt Test and Field Trial Club in Middle TN

UKC Hunt Test Club in Middle TN

Golden Club out of Greenville, South Carolina

Smokey Mountain Golden Retriever Club
New club in the Knoxville, TN area. Info coming soon!



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