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  • Puppy Head Start
    • Only take in 1-2 puppies at the time to be able to focus on housebreaking, crate training, and basic obedience.
    • Pups are exposed to birds, water, obstacles, decoys, crossing creeks, following an ATV, gun shots, etc.
    • Use live or shackled ducks/pigeons and small dokkens for retrieving and Thunder blasters to simulate gun shots.
    • Follow and advocate the use of Bill Hillmann's puppy programs and socialization skills.
    • Prefer to get pups early enough that they have not developed too many bad habits or the use of  wrong commands that we will need to reteach.
    • Once the puppy has his adult teeth in, he would move up to the regular Gun Dog Training schedule.

  • Gun Dog Training
    • We try and limit ourselves to 10 dogs at any one time in order to be able to focus on their individual needs.  
    • We don't have kennels per se, and treat the dogs as if they lived here.  They are crated when not working and that way they are not encouraged to "pee" and "poop" in kennel runs which makes their transition back to home life easier.  Of course, if you want your dog to be kenneled, we have covered Mason runs that are very comfortable and shaded.
    • On days that they are not in active training, we take them on runs along side the ATVs so that they are allowed to be dogs and run at liberty.  This activity is just as important as full fledged training days as they are encouraged to explore as well as learn to get along with others.
    • Our training methods are viable for all breeds of retrievers and we follow hybrid programs of Mike Lardy, Evan Graham, Jim Dobbs, and Bill Hillmann.   We realize each dog is different as are the different breeds, and the training your dog gets is not a cookie cutter program, but one that is molded for your particular dog.
    • We have some of the best grounds and technical ponds in the area and usually train here most days.  Occasionally we will make a field trip down to the Poole Knobs grounds in LaVergne in order to give them different looks for land and water.
    • A lot of our client dogs are from local folks who don't have time to train on a regular basis.  The owners are encouraged to come out and watch us train as well as get some hands on before their dog leaves so that they are successful in maintaining the new skills that they have learned.  We also are available to discuss your dog's progress at any time that we are not in the field or at an event.
    • Our monthly fees are all inclusive except for special dietary needs and heart worm preventative and/or insect repellant such as Frontline or Advantix which the owner provides.  We don't nickel and dime you to death for this and that so that you can budget your monthly expense.
    • If we travel to hunt tests or field trials, you pay a percentage of the expenses by box; i.e, if six dogs travel on the dog trailer, you pay 1/6 of the fuel, lodging, etc.  If we are going to that test/trial with our own personal dogs, you most likely will not be charged a handling fee unless at a national or regional event.
    • We feed premium dog foods such as Eukanuba or Purina Pro Plan Performance so we need to know if there is a valid reason (allergies, etc.) that would prohibit your dog from being fed these foods.  We feed once or twice a day depending on the weather and working conditions for that day.
    • We try not to commit to any particular time frames as each dog is different and comes from different backgrounds.  It is hard to know how long each particular phase of training will take, especially if the dog has baggage from other trainers or circumstances.  We take our time to ensure that the dogs have solid foundations on their basics before we move on, so if you are looking for a quick fix and modified crash program, we are not the trainers for you.

  • Basic Obedience
    • Since my background is obedience driven, we take in any breed of dog for basic obedience lessons and household manners training.  
    • Having a well behaved dog is the basis for anything you do whether you go on to be competitive in obedience trials or continue on to Gun Dog Training.  Don't let your dog take control of your house and your life.  Just because you have a well bred dog does not guarantee he/she will be compliant all the time and not try to be an alpha dog in the household.  I can help.
    • By the time we get through 3 - 4 lessons,  most dogs and owners are working as a team and then are able to take it from that point with homework assignments.  These classes are individually held with you and the dog either at our place or yours.

  • Ladies Mentoring Workshops and/or Private Lessons
    • I train the handler, not the dog.  Don't let your dog develop bad habits that will be hard to undo.  Let's get it right the first time and make it fun for the dog!
    • Come for an hour, a day, a week, or anything in between.  Bring your training group to Tennessee and enjoy the use of my grounds including the 6 acre technical pond.
    • Groups of 4-6 dogs at a time, so more individual attention.  I will work on what you need help with, while promoting good training habits and fundamentals.
    • The goal is to make you a better handler and develop confidence in running HRC and AKC hunt tests or breed specific working certificate tests.
    • All breeds welcome.  I specialize in ALL retriever breeds, not just Labradors.

  • Dog Boarding
    • I will take in a limited number of boarding dogs.  These dogs are in my house, not in kennel runs.  They are treated like my own and get lots of attention and exercise.
    • I proudly feed Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Active 26/16 Formula Dry Dog Food (go to the 30/20 Formula in colder months).  If your dog is on a special diet, you will need to supply the food.
    • $25 a day; $20 a day for stays longer than one week; $30 a day for boarding and training.





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